McDonalds Monopoly

McDonalds Monopoly is a McDonalds-sponsored commercial game based on the original Monopoly board game. Customers can win prizes by purchasing McDonald’s food and collecting the appropriate game pieces, some of which are supposed to match to property spots on a Monopoly board.

There are three different kinds of game pieces or tokens to gather. Instant win tokens provide you an immediate prize from the restaurant, such as a menu item, whilst online tokens give you codes that you can input on websites to get discounts or enter a prize draw.

McDonalds Monopoly

What is the McDonalds Monopoly Promotion?

Property game pieces, on the other hand, offer the highest payouts. These are the game pieces that correspond to spaces on a Monopoly board and must be collected along with all other properties of the same colour in order to redeem prizes.

What Are the McDonalds Monopoly Prizes?

The specific list of prizes associated with the Monopoly promotion varies year to year, and the rewards for the 2020 edition have yet to be revealed. In earlier years, quick win rewards included things like a free cheeseburger or a free drink, which could be redeemed in the restaurant during the promotion’s run.

In the 2019 UK version of McDonalds Monopoly, the top prize was a £100,000 cash reward for acquiring both dark blue properties (Mayfair and Park Lane). There are similar monetary rewards available in other nations as well. Meanwhile, individuals who collected all three green properties were entered to win a Mini Cooper, as well as vacations and a PS4 system.

When will the McDonald’s Monopoly 2020 promotion start?

The McDonald’s Monopoly 2020 promotion was supposed to start on March 25th in the UK and last for 41 days, ending in early May. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the fast food company has declared that the promotion will be postponed this year.

McDonalds Monopoly is still expected to return in 2020, but the launch date is expected to be much later in the year, once some of the more stringent regulations regarding Coronavirus have been loosened.

What Are Your Chances of Winning a Monopoly Prize from McDonald’s?

According to Mcdvoice, you have a one-in-five chance of winning an instant win reward from the Monopoly promotion, which means that 20% of all tickets will offer you a prize. The most common instant win prize is a medium fry, with odds of winning ranging from one-in-25 to one-in-30.

The chances of winning one of the larger prizes, on the other hand, are much smaller, and those chances drop in proportion to the prize amount. In recent years, only four £100,000 cash prizes have been awarded in the UK, but over 500 PS4 consoles and 400 mobile phones with a free one-year contract have been given away.

What Can I Do to Increase My Odds of Winning a Prize?

The best approach to increase your chances of winning a prize from the McDonalds Monopoly offer is to simply purchase more items from the menu. It can pay to be clever about the menu items you order, depending on whether or not they are part of the promotion and how many game pieces they provide.

There has also been some speculation that you might be able to boost your chances of winning online prizes by entering codes outside of peak times. This means that entering codes early in the morning or late at night, rather than at peak meal times, may increase your chances of winning specific prizes.

Which items on the menu provide Monopoly tokens or game pieces?

Although not all items on the McDonald’s menu will supply Monopoly game pieces, several of the more popular meals will. For example, the Big Tasty burger and the Chicken Legend, as well as any item from the Signature Collection and any medium or large soft drink, come with three game pieces.

Many of the smaller menu items come with two game pieces, such as medium or large fries and McFlurry ice cream. In light of this, the great majority of McDonald’s meals will include at least some game tokens.

Which McDonald’s Monopoly Tokens Should I Keep an Eye On?

Dark blue Monopoly tokens are the most valuable and unusual of the Monopoly tokens. In different parts of the world, these are known by different names. The dark blue game pieces, for example, are known as Mayfair and Park Lane in the United Kingdom, but Boardwalk and Park Place in Canada. You’ll win the most money if you have both.

Green, yellow, and red pieces are also uncommon, and collecting the entire set of any of these colours will get you a large prize, such as a vacation, a game console, a car, or a phone.

Monopoly Codes for McDonald’s

McDonald’s Monopoly Code on Tokens doesn’t mean anything, because McDonald’s assigns prizes to specific seconds each day.

The McDonalds Monopoly game lasts 41 days, and participants can win rewards by collecting winning token combinations and submitting special Mcdonald’s Monopoly codes into the online game.

Each McDonald’s Monopoly token has a unique McDonald’s Monopoly code that you can enter on the McDonald’s website to win cash prizes up to £100, coupons, and NOW TV tickets.

However, it is the time you enter the McDonalds competition, not the McDonalds Monopoly code, that determines whether you win. It’s impossible to say when these “winning moments” occur or how long they continue. So, regardless of which Mcdonald’s Monpoly code you use, you’re in with a chance. It’s all about timing when it comes to winning.